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Welcome to eerietales.com. You may have arrived here from an old link, but nonetheless, you are at the right place. This is a newly refurbished eerie tales and ghost stories site to keep with the times. I’ve tried my utmost best to learn this new technology in delivering responsive site to my readers but I am far from mastering it, so please bear with me because some punctuation and spaces on the text have gone haywire. I will be addressing them in due course.

Please enjoy the many Eerie Tales and Ghost Stories here. These ghost stories have all been submitted by readers like you. Some stories will include the idea of Demons, Jinns, Little trolls, Evil Creatures, Vampires and the likes, while others are just strange and unexplained phenomena. All the stories here are FREE for you to read.

If you have experienced something scary, I welcome you to submit your eerie tales and ghost stories. I have to emphasize that I am looking for real ghost stories, not fictional ones. I am not a paranormal investigator, so I will not validate nor will I disprove your stories.

All scary, spooky, and creepy stories are welcome. I will edit your submission wherever necessary. However, I cannot promise that all stories submitted will find their way here or in my books.

Enjoy the stories on this website and do comment. If you have a story to submit, please do so using the ‘Submit a story button’ below. And if you like the stories here, do support me by buying my books. Oh, yes, do share this site with your friends on the social sites listed below.

Thank you.

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